Lymphocyte Activation Lab

Lymphocyte Activation Lab


T and B lymphocytes, vital for our health, form the adaptive immune system. We investigate the regulation of B lymphocyte activation that mounts specific and highly effective antibody responses against pathogens. However, if lymphocyte activation is defected, we face pathological conditions such as autoimmunity or lymphoma. In our research, we integrate advanced light microscopy and proteomic approaches with cellular and in vivo models, to gain novel understanding on the cell biological phenomena of B cell activation.

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Recent News

We are recruiting!

We are recruiting! Looking for highly motivated Master's thesis students and/or research assistants who would aspire to continue towards PhD in B cell biology in health and disease. See our add for more details. Read More "We are recruiting!"

Lysosomes and B cells on the spotlight

Our review on the role of lysosomes and lysosome-related organelles in B cells is now published in Journal of Cell Biology! Big thanks for Lab Yuseff for the enjoyable collaboration on this topic that is so close to our hearts! To have a read click the link. An overview of... Read More "Lysosomes and B cells on the spotlight"

New intern in sight!

We welcome Soumeya, all the way from Lyon, France, to carry our her Master's thesis project with us this spring. Best of luck! Read More "New intern in sight!"

Personal Funding to Amna

Congratulations to Amna for the continuous amazing work and securing yet another funding from  the University of Turku Graduate School! Read More "Personal Funding to Amna"