Lymphocyte Activation Lab

Lymphocyte Activation Lab


T and B lymphocytes, vital for our health, form the adaptive immune system. We investigate the regulation of B lymphocyte activation that mounts specific and highly effective antibody responses against pathogens. However, if lymphocyte activation is defected, we face pathological conditions such as autoimmunity or lymphoma. In our research, we integrate advanced light microscopy and proteomic approaches with cellular and in vivo models, to gain novel understanding on the cell biological phenomena of B cell activation.

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Recent News

Welcome, welcome

This summer we welcomed two new students in the lab! Chiara Urban came to us for an Erasmus+ internship to get a heads-up to the world of B cells and microscopy before joining Julia Jellusova’s lab at TranslaTUM, Munich, as a PhD student later this winter. Nil Fernández Mató, currently... Read More "Welcome, welcome"

Our most recent work is already online

Our work on identifying new players in B cell activation by proximity proteomics is out! We used APEX2-mediated proximity biotinylation proteomics method to map the protein dynamics at the vicinity of the BCR during the first 15 minutes of antigenic activation. From the newly identified proteins, we demonstrated a role... Read More "Our most recent work is already online"

Book chapter out

We are pleased to announce that our latest book chapter entitled “Isolation of the B Cell Immune Synapse for Proteomic Analysis”, has been published in The Immune Synapse: Methods and Protocols. So if you are interested in testing or adapting the protocol, the method can be download here or you... Read More "Book chapter out"

New logo!

Finally, we worked out a logo for the lab!!! All the credits go to our new intern Thomy! How cool does it look? Read More "New logo!"