Lymphocyte Activation Lab


Principal investigator:
Pieta Mattila
E-mail: pieta.mattila(at)utu.fiPhone:
+358 29 450 4431
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Institute of Biomedicine, and Turku Bioscience
University of Turku
BioCity, 5th floor
Tykistökatu 5A
20520 Turku, Finland

BioCity on Google Maps

All the trains from Helsinki to Turku stop at Kupittaa railway station, 200 metres away from the BioCity building:

The city center of Turku is 1.5 km away. The distance to the main railway station is 3 km, to the bus station 2 km, to the harbor 5 km and to the airport 10 km.

Several local busses (for instance: 32, 42, 60, 600, 221) stop at bus stops near BioCity. The busses start from the Market Square in the city center. Busses 32 and 42 drive also via the main railway station.

Use Föli Journey Planner to find the next bus:

Go to campus area to get a map of the campus surroundings (BioCity building marked as T38).